Benefits of e-Commerce


Before talking about the benefits of e-commerce, do you know what it is?

What is e-Commerce?

E-Commerce is the activity of buying or selling products or services online or over the Internet.

Types of e-Commerce

E-commerce companies can be classified into two broad categories:

Business-to-Business (B2B)

B2B e-commerce refers to the electronic exchange of goods and services between businesses.

Business-to-consumer (B2C)

B2C e-commerce, on the other hand, refers to the sale of goods and services from businesses to consumers through an online platform.

Now that you know the main idea of e-commerce, lets talk about the benefits:

  1. The e-commerce model is cheaper: To talk about the advantages of e-commerce, we must start by mentioning that it is a very cheap business model. A company that operates through an e-commerce website, for example, saves the costs associated with the maintenance of a physical space, the payment of rents, and the fitting out that a store needs to be operational.
  2. Reaches a very wide audience: Another advantage of e-commerce that you should be aware of is the level of reach that this type of business has. A physical business is limited by the space in which it is located, while e-commerce has a global reach. This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of e-commerce, since reaching a larger number of potential customers translates directly into higher revenues.
  3. Facilitates the sales and purchasing process: In this sense, the advantages of e-commerce translate into making it easier for users to find what they need, receive a response in time and make purchases with just a couple of clicks. On the other hand, if we talk about the advantages of e-commerce for companies, we should mention that those who are engaged in e-commerce usually provide a better sales service and, therefore, can retain more customers.

If you are ready to start your own online store, but don’t know where to begin, or need help getting started, talk to our experts, they will be more than happy to guide you on the road to your business success.

Gaming Pc, building your own


If you want to make a career both on YouTube and Twitch or just want to have a good time with friends, you’ll need a good gaming PC. Finding the best gaming PC can be a challenge given how many options there are out there from literally dozens of brands.

When you don’t know what you are looking for to have the perfect Gaming PC for your needs, it’s best to get expert advice that can help you get what you want. But it’s always important to know the minimum you need to know so, you don’t arrive uninformed about the hardware you’re looking for. In this post, we tell you what are the minimum components needed and some brands that work very well.

In a gaming PC, the most important components are, in this order, the graphic card, the processor, the RAM memory, and the storage.

The processor can be Intel or AMD, the latter being generally cheaper and better value for money. The graphics card can be AMD or NVIDIA, and again AMD graphics cards offer a better price/performance ratio, although NVIDIA graphics cards are currently ahead in pure performance. For the RAM memory, 8 GB will be enough for most cases, but if you want to play hard and your budget is high do not hesitate and go for 16 GB of RAM.

Regarding storage, there is no doubt: buy an SSD. It doesn’t matter if you are on a budget and have to settle for a SATA 3 SSD, right now they are very cheap and provide excellent gaming performance compared to a traditional mechanical hard drive

Outsourcing IT services, Why?


Outsourcing IT services for your bussines is the best option for you, typically, your IT infrastructure is critical to the success of your business. It helps streamline your organization’s day-to-day operations to maximize productivity and long-term profitability. However, properly managing IT systems can be a challenge. Unless you have an in-house team of IT experts, it would be an excellent idea to outsource some IT services.
In this post, we show you 2 main reasons to outsourcing IT services in your company or business.

1) Reduced costs
When you are a startup company, cost reduction is one of your main concerns. Business IT outsourcing can reduce the overall costs associated with administering and managing your IT systems. Instead of paying staff salaries and benefits, equipment maintenance costs, software licensing fees, subscriptions, and training costs, you can reduce your overhead by outsourcing your IT needs. As a result, you can set aside more money for other essential aspects of your business.
2)Undivided focus on core operations.
Having an outsourced IT partner can help you focus on the core operations of your business. Instead of worrying about what IT decisions to make, you can let professionals decide what’s best for your IT infrastructure. With their skills and experience, they will know exactly what to do to maintain your networks and make sure they work properly for your business. Because of this, you can free up more time and energy to handle other core business operations, thereby increasing overall efficiency and productivity.

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